A large bowl in Beech wood.

A close-up of the beautiful natural graining on the Beech wood bowl.

This bowl, with circular cut-outs, is turned from a piece of Sycamore wood.

A taller, deeper bowl also with cut-outs turned from Horse Chestnut wood.

This darker wood is Mulberry, which has a lovely natural shine to it.

With a wide etched 'chattering' band, this bowl is from a slightly darker piece of Sycamore

Fruit bowl with a band of 'chattering' on the outside is made from Cherry wood. 

Selection of bowls. The squared one has been cut and turned from a piece of Sycamore.

Bowls have many uses - this one makes a lovely holder for a table candle

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Contact Details: Jaundrells New Forest Studio, New Forest National Park. BH25 6AY

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