A range of stoneware bowls by Sharon

Sharon's bowls are available as single items or can be used in groups with various dips.

Large stoneware bowl with punched holes, for washing or draining fruit and vegetables

Two sizes of posy bowls glazed with 'Syringa' giving a purple and blue speckled effect.

A wide selection of bowls in various glaze finishes, with many uses around the home.

Details of two bowls using a glaze which develops irregular crystals when fired.

Smooth black slates make great 'plates' for use with dipping or sauce bowls.

White glaze overlaid on Turquoise creates a lovely misty gloss effect when fired.

These bowls have a crystal glaze overlaid on a base colour to create a colourful effect when fired.

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Contact Details: Jaundrells New Forest Studio, New Forest National Park. BH25 6AY

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