A variety of finishes on stoneware pots by Ayjay

Two wheel thrown open necked vases with a hand built square bottle vase.

The top of the bottle is sprayed with a nutmeg coloured glaze in different thicknesses to create the mottled effect.

Easter Island head, hand built sculpture with a semi matt graphite glaze.

Mugs with sprayed glaze combinations including nutmeg with a 25% addition of a satin white.

Nutmeg and satin white glazes were sprayed all over the bowl and then the black highlights were applied by hand.

An 'onion' vase spray glazed with  a pearl white oyster glaze and using green pigments to create the contrasting lines.

Deep bowl spayed several times with layers of brown and white glaze in varying thicknesses.

Three large wheel thrown platters, with different glazing treatments, which are applied by spraying. This gives a more even texture than other methods.

Sodium silicate is applied to the outside of this pot, which is then stretched to create cracks which fill with glaze.

A large plate and small dishes made by rolling slabs of clay and then cutting to shape before glazing.

Interesting hand built sculptured torso, fired using the Raku method

A selection of pots and lipped spoon rests. The pot to the left is made by roughly mixing two clay colours and then throwing the shape on the potters wheel. This creates a marble effect.

This square slab-built lidded pot uses the lifting figures at each end to provide the feet.

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Contact Details: Jaundrells New Forest Studio, New Forest National Park. BH25 6AY

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